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Todd Benefits Group Case Study 

Our Software Solution

The Todd Enterprise System consists of two ASP.NET web applications built atop a SQL Server database that stores information about TBG's corporate clients, their employees, and the options and costs of the different insurance plans available.


Client Background

Since 1990, The Todd Benefits Group, Inc. (TBG) has worked with Fortune 500 companies to design long-term care insurance plans for their employees. Years ago, TBG contracted with us to build a web-based information system to increase sales and streamline operations. We built the initial version quickly, but our relationship with TBG continues to this day as we modify and enhance the software to meet changing requirements.

Internal Web Site

This is based upon the Enterprise Web Library and is the central system used by TBG staff to drive the long-term care sales process. Its features include:

  • An event log for each Fortune 500 employee that shows, in detail, the sales events that have occurred, such as phone conversations and premium quotes requested
  • An e-mail merging system that helps TBG sales staff by automating routine messages to clients
  • A company configuration area allowing TBG management to customize the plan designs for each corporate client to match the demographics of the client's employees

Public Web Site

The public web site is used by the Fortune 500 employees to get personalized information on the insurance plans offered by TBG. It includes features such as:

  • A Premium Calculator that allows users to design, compare, and customize plans from various insurance carriers
  • Downloadable insurance applications that are pre-filled for users with the plans that they have chosen
  • A QwikQuote system that automatically e-mails pre-built plans to users upon request

Reasons for Success

The Todd Benefits Group was wise in choosing us as a software provider for two critical reasons:

  • We used our ASP.NET-based Enterprise Web Library as the basis for the internal web site. This has ensured consistent navigation and look and feel across all screens. It also has allowed us to quickly and easily add, remove and reorganize various pages in the site without worrying about details such as how to send information between pages.
  • As in any business, the priorities within TBG shift constantly. Because of our customer support system, automated deployment tools and flexible process, we have welcomed change throughout the project instead of frowning upon it. At one point, TBG asked us to implement a new major insurance product in the system, with a rapid turn-around. We were able to quickly reprioritize our existing work and successfully implement the new product within a few weeks.