The creators of the Enterprise Web Library bring you highly-maintainable web applications to help you build your vision.

Our philosophy is that when it comes to your web application needs, you shouldn't be left to salvage outdated software simply because its original developers have long packed their bags.  We believe in maintaining what we build, with rock-solid code and lasting client relations.


What We Do

here are just some of the applications our code has tackled so far, and we are always expanding the list:




Custom Services


 Room Scheduling Calendars

A powerful scheduling engine to help you locate and book the perfect venue for your business needs.


 Personnel Management Systems

Managing personal and financial data and the workflows of accounts across departments was never easier.


Insurance Plan Comparators

A Premium Calculator that allows users to design, compare, and customize plans from various insurance carriers.

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Who We Have Served

some of our satisfied clients:

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Who We Are

two guys - one mission

Sukru Cinar, Co-Founder

Sukru graduated from RIT with a Bachelor's degree in Information Technology, with a concentration in Network Engineering. He has worked for Eastman Kodak in Rochester, NY as a Network Engineer, and later as a system administrator for over 12 years:  2 in the Arlington school district, and 10 at MIT. 

Bill Gross, Co-Founder

Bill has spent his entire career (thus far) building and maintaining line-of-business web applications for various organizations.  While he is not the fastest at building new apps, he is one of the best at managing the complexity behind them.

The Common Goal

Bill and Sukru co-founded EnduraCode in 2014 because they believed the open-source Enterprise Web Library (EWL) behind it to be something great.  After building the library, Bill has taken meticulous care over its 10-year course to fine tune its code, eliminating the duplications that are common to many business web applications out there.  They don't believe in doing the same work twice and want to stand out from the crowd of one-and-done services by offering a dynamic and enduring development option to customers, with rock-solid code that is refined and maintained over time to keep up with ever-changing technologies and demands.  To that end, Sukru and Bill continue to tend the EWL, supporting the apps that they have already built with it and paving the way for new ones to be made. 

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How We Got Started

and the passion behind our work

In 1999 our first client, an insurance broker, came to us with a simple need: build a calculator for long-term care insurance premiums. This first project led to others and it soon became apparent that this insurance broker, like almost every organization we've worked with since, was running outdated software whose original developers were long gone. But the business processes behind the software were not outdated, and this was our introduction to the dysfunctional world of line-of-business software, in which developers are all but encouraged to walk away from the applications they've built, leaving the technology frozen until the next team helicopters in a decade later to do a full replacement, at a cost that is exorbitant in both dollars and organizational wisdom.

We are working every day to stop this madness. Instead of cranking out one-off applications, we craft powerful solutions that we will support for ten years or more. We perform continuous adaptive maintenance on all of our applications and charge monthly fees to cover the costs. And we make ourselves available when the business processes do change.

We've also built and released a complete business web application framework that not only supports our focus on maintenance, but also embodies our belief in achieving high productivity through reduced development flexibility. By saving ourselves from a thousand inconsequential decisions, we've supercharged the rate at which we can implement big forms and tame complex data. The framework gives us a user interface, generates the code to build forms, elevates us above HTML, and enables us to move data to and from a database in a single, consistent, cohesive fashion.

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